Governmental Relations Strategy

Success in the government relations arena is not a one-size-fits-all model. Capitol Solutions works with clients to assess their needs and understand their goals and objectives, formulating a comprehensive plan to achieve those needs. We plan, research, execute and deliver desired results.


There is no substitute for experience and trust in the government relations arena. Our lobbyists are proven performers who have earned the trust of decision makers at all levels of government. We work with you to develop testimony and schedule meetings with key decision makers. You need someone who is in the game each and every day and who plays to win. Whether you need legislation passed, defeated or monitored, or want to proactively influence policy makers in policy design, we are the firm you can trust to get the job done.

Regulatory Oversight

Often it’s not the laws adopted by the legislative branch but the regulations promulgated by the executive branch of governments that can result in unintended consequences for companies. Our lobbyists work with executive branch agencies and their staffs from beginning to end to help shape regulations affecting our clients. We also work with key legislators with oversight responsibility for clients’ regulations to guarantee that proposed regulations reflect the legislature’s intent.

Grassroots Training

The most important person to every lawmaker is the district voter. Every client has employees, members, customers, a board of directors or others – all with a senator and representative. We can help you organize them by legislative district and provide them with the necessary training to be effective when communicating your message to elected officials.

Coalition Building

Very few if any legislative efforts are solo acts. It’s important to know who may be affected both positively and negatively by legislative and regulatory proposals. By knowing the players, we can work to build and coordinate coalitions both for and against legislation and public policy design/implementation. There is strength in numbers, and coalitions offer a team approach to achieving a common goal.

Contract Procurement

Government is the largest single buyer of goods and services. We can help you navigate the complexities of the RFI/RFP processes. We will work with your business after the contract is in place to make sure things run smoothly with the contracting agency personnel and those who utilize the products and services you provide.

Political Issues Campaigns

In order to sway public opinion on an issue or ballot referendum, you must first know what the public thinks. We offer a comprehensive approach from filling out the registration forms with the proper agencies to polling the target audience for their opinions. We use those opinions to craft a clear, concise campaign message that will maximize your chances of winning the issue or vote.