Stop calling! Kentucky attorney general responds to increase in robocalls

By WKYT News Staff |

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) — Attorney General Andy Beshear has launched a program called “Scam Alerts” that allows Kentuckians to sign up to be alerted about potential scams in their area.

He tells WKYT one of the reasons he started the program was because of the increase in phone calls scamming people into losing their money.

“People need to understand that aside from companies that are robocalling, there are thousands upon thousands of con artists and criminals that are trying to steal their money,” Beshear said.

Beshear said the “no-call” lists hardly make any difference anymore. Therefore, being proactive about the annoyance is about all people can do.

“We can’t wait on people giving us a technological solution,” Beshear said, “We’ve got to make sure people are educated and that they don’t pick up the phone, and when they do, they recognize a robocall for being a robocall and a scam and hang up as quickly as they can.”

Beshear realizes the problem of automated calls isn’t getting better. In fact, now scammers can create caller IDs that look like a number the person answering should know.

“You can have a call from a different continent that still pops up as an 859 area code, so people need to know that you cannot trust that caller ID.” Beshear said, “The tough part about fighting scams and robocalls is that most all of them come from outside the state or country.”

Here are tips from the attorney general’s office:

— Block the number on your phone if you notice the same one multiple times.

— Check with your phone carrier to see if they can provide any help.

–Download apps on your phone that will block robocalls (however, this is only as good as the next scam).

Beshear also believes if people stop answering the calls, they’ll eventually stop bugging people.

“The longer you stay on the phone, the more likely you are to get more calls,” he said.

More than 237 million people in America have a cellphone. Responding to spam online that is in anyway connected to your phone number can add to the number of robocalls a person receives.