Patrick M. Pilkington, DVM
VP State Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Tyson Foods, Inc.

“We have operations in 25 states as well as many countries throughout the world. The number of important legislative issues that touch our company is large. Ronny and his team provide us with timely information and, when an issue gets moving, guide us expertly through the Kentucky legislative process. We are confident that our interests are being protected through Capitol Solutions’ efforts.”

Bob Jackson
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Murray State University

“As a former State Senator, I have had the opportunity to work with many lobbyists on numerous governmental issues. Ronny is among the very best. He is always prepared and fully educated to the issue at hand. As important, whether in Washington or Frankfort, he is well-respected by legislators on both sides of the aisle. Murray State University is proud to have Capitol Solutions as part of our team.”

Jon Ros Grayson
Director State Government Relations, HCA Hospital Corporation of America

“Capitol Solutions is an essential part of overall government relations program. Their responsive, candid and able team are the kind of professionals that are the building blocks of a strong advocacy team.”

Steve Zollner
Associate General Counsel, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America

“Capitol Solutions has truly shown the way for us in Frankfort; their proactive, practical approach has been invaluable to us. We value the relationship greatly.”

Jeff Seraphine
CEO, Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.

“Our investment in Capitol Solutions has more than paid for itself. When others in Frankfort say it can’t be done, Capitol Solutions delivers, period.”


Melissa Miller,
Executive Director, Kentucky Poultry Federation

“Capitol Solutions is a valued partnership for the Federation and its members. Their knowledge of the legislative process and respect by lawmakers has helped us to “win” in Frankfort. Our Federation could not be more satisfied with their efforts and results.”

Warren Tardy,
HCA Hospital Corporation of America

“We have used state lobbyists all over the country, and Capitol Solutions is undoubtedly in the top tier of the firms that have represented us. They are highly motivated professionals, dedicated to serving the needs of their clients and respected at all levels of government.”

Annette DuPont-Ewing
Executive Director, Municipal Electric Power Association of Kentucky and Municipal Water and Wastewater Association of Kentucky

“Capitol Solutions is a proven, reliable and professional firm – one of the most successful lobbying firms in Kentucky with access to legislators state-wide and nationally. Their team is accessible and keeps you up to date on issues of importance to your business and to Kentucky. When others have given up, Capitol Solutions is still working the issue.”

Lawrence J. Kissner
President & CEO, UnitedHealthcare of KY

“I’ve been in the health insurance market for almost 25 years and have been actively using the services of professional lobbyists for the last 10 years in California and Florida. I just want you to know that in comparison to my previous lobbyist experiences, you were by far the best. You knew your way around the halls of Frankfort. Your team has a solid balance of the right and left, Democrat and Republican, and you were able to navigate the serpentine paths of the legislative process without missing a step.”

Richard Applegate
President, Kentucky Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

“Lobbying is about relationships. Capitol Solutions has remained a valued partner of the Kentucky Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for many years. Having earned respect by legislators and customers alike, they are able to accomplish goals dependably and with integrity.”